Reviews and comments from the gigs.

Mon, Jan 31, 2005
Purple Turtle

The fifth gig in a month, a new 45s record (pop trivia fact... The 45s were actually a band containing Matt Haynes now of Aqualung)

So how was it? Well to be honest I don't think we quite connected, there was huge confusion at the soundcheck when it transpired that no one had thought to bring a drum kit or bass amp (despite Glueball managing to bring 2 8x12 cabs and a massive marshall head), consequently there was no time for a soundcheck...

I've played gigs on guitar without an amp before (my full guitar rig verges on the ridiculous and has enough amp emulators and pedals to survive on the monitors alone) but never on bass, so it was the Sans Amp (every bass player should have one) into a DI box and pray! Luckily the monitoring was top notch and the bass was coming back crystal clear (possibly off the back wall).

The set itself never felt to me like it took off, we played well but the audience never connected (I can imagine the Purple Turtle is great when it's full, but at barely a quarter full the stage feels along way up). There was some hesitation between songs which probabaly broke the flow up a little too much.

We took a recording of the set and listening back in the light of day it was actually much better than it felt at the time, the band is so solid these days, James' drumming has really become core to the band now, powering the songs along.

Tonight it's The Push club, just have to hope there's a bass amp...

The Purple Turtle is a top place to play, nice sized stage and good sound I thought.

The crowd wasn't bad for a Monday, well more than I expected and I took to the stage in an optimistic frame of mind.

We played well and the hits just kept on coming but the chilly crowd were slow to warm to our charms. However by the end of the set we were getting a good response and it was a pretty enjoyable set.

Would love to play this place on a Friday

Thu, Jan 27, 2005
Ryan's Bar

Stoke Newington? I thought it was in Wales?! Nevermind 2 busses and a bit of walking and there you are outside Ryans Bar central N16. They do Thai Food and stinky rock.

Good venue downstairs, nice wooden floors and a pretty good (well loud) set up despite only having two mics. Jonny won the sole BV mic as Paul refused to stand in front of the guitar amp for the entire set. More band tension mounted as Paul refused to use my version of the setlist on the flimsy premise that is was written in German. Honestly! What a performance.

Luckily the actual show went very well, around 30 punkers took in the delights of our set and were rewarded with an extra length set, there being only 2 bands on. The World Premiere of Beach Patrol (that's "Strand-Patrouille" auf Deutsch) was a popular success, and I personally enjoyed our spirited version You're Going Down.

Generally it was yet another rock'n'roll nail in the coffin of western civilisation as we know it. Job done.

Another day, another gig...
In the days of my youth used to hang around Stoke Newington and the locale on an almost weekly basis with the boys from indie could have beens Shake The Tree (I was doing their live sound at the time), then then as they slowly disintegrated (too many gigs to non-showing audiences in Walthamstow if you ask me) the focus changed and I haven't been down this way for a good 4 or 5 years. Funny how vast tracts of London can come and go from your life on a whim

Back to the gig... Having lived through the hour an a half trauma of escaping Gunnersbury, confussed pensioners on the north london line and then trying to get on a bus at Highbury in rush hour (it amazes me how little violence and injury actually occurs on London transport) I arrived back on the suddenly familiar territory of Stoke Newington.

Dive into a pub for a restorative pint and to try and gather the other 45s together, half an hour later I'm most of the way to Stoke Newington High Street trying to find James...
Luckily he found Jonny and began the long trek back (how was I to know the first bus stop round the corner wasn't actually in use?)

Ryan's bar is a great little venue, good bar and food upstairs and a nice decent (but not too large room) downstairs.
We were using the Jackoffs kit tonight (cheers guys) and f*@k me it was loud. We've probably gotten too used to playing venues with decent PAs and monitors, this was proper back to basics rock 'n' roll, amps on full doing battle with the vocals on the PA.

Unfortunately there were only 2 mics, and not enough lead to reach the bass amp, given the choice of not singing or standing in front of Jonny's amp I did the only sensible thing and gave the mic to Jonny... I think this is the first 45s gig where I haven't had a mic and it felt mighty strange.

The set was a lean mean punk rock machine, having translated it from the original German, we blasted through, my eyes stinging from the sweat.
Highlights were a vicious version of Minorisk, Marty dangling the mic for Why Don't You Come Back To Me? 40 minutes is a long time to keep things going though, so we really must write that slow one we keep talking about.

Next stop The Purple Turtle...

I thought we did well for the old punks, not too far off that definition myself.

Sun, Jan 16, 2005
The Gardening Club

Had no idea what to expect from this one...
Last time I played (at the then Rock Garden) I was so hungover that I managed to start a couple of songs in the wrong key (well with the wrong note, like I ever know what key a song is in...). I'd love to say that being the god of the bass I am I instantly covered it and no one was the wiser. Unfortunately history relates a different tale (and some very evil looks from the guitarist).

I have to say when the idea of the 45s entering a battle of the bands was first bought up I was dubious, not for any good reason, but real bands don't do battle of the bands, do they?

Well with a view to history repeating itself I got thoroughly lashed to the gills on Saturday night. If anyone has any idea how I got from Mornington Cresent back to South East London, unmugged, unbruised and with an intact guitar amplifier in tow I'd love to hear what happened.
In a nutshell I felt like death.

A very difficult pint of stella later and we finally made it into The Gardening Club (an advance party had already made a sorty down there only to be told it'd cost £4 to get in) in time to catch the trail end of some new talent showcase. No idea what the girl who was on was called, great voice, but the most bland middle of the road material I've heard in many a year. The audience was lapping it up ...

Somehow we'd managed to draw the short straw and were first up in the battle of the bands. Unfortunately in the confusion we managed to be anounced before we'd done any sort of soundcheck. Hey, ho, let's go...
In the confusion Jonny started Tough Love, he's not meant to, but too late to worry about that, quick looks at James, 1..2..3..4.. and we're all back in at the right point.
The sound is uneven but not too bad, decent amount of stage, my voice is completely f**ked from last nights session, perfect for the shouty bits but not much hope of holding down a melody.
The hangover is still hurting, but fading fast, every change I'm worrying about screwing it up, no matter how many times I've played some of these songs before the hungover brain starts sowing doubts, is it the 5th or 7th fret, are you playing the 9th? Does it sound right? Am I fucking up?

Well as far as I could tell I made it, the audience reaction seemed great given 30 minutes earlier they'd almost been lulled to sleep.
We only had 20 minutes so everyone through there all into it. Halfway through It's The law the drums seemed to suddenly drop down, I assumed James had dropped a stick seeing him scrabbling round for a spare. I later found out he'd actually managed to snap an 'unbreakable' titanium drum stick in half. I don't think he missed a beat on the bass drum!

The rest of the show was played out short and sharp with maximum energy. Marty rolling around the floor, Jonny locked in. Probably not quite as good a set as The Archway on Monday, but that's probably down to the lack of soundcheck and the fact that the hangover distorted everything.

I think it's safe to say the band is now better than it's ever been and still getting better, roll on the next gig!

Needless to say we didn't win...

Coming in a respectable second to a band from Coventry (www.avenueband.co.uk).

So there we were, Sunday night in Covent garden, Loins girded, ready to fight to the death, eager to claw our way to Round 2 of the Battle of the Bands!

Several pints of lager and an inevitable delay later, the Bomb45s exploded onto the stage. Knowing the Set was only 5 songs long we were able to up the energy levels and to good effect.

What could have been a passe evening, turned out well as the 100-odd punters took a shine to our punk rock stylings and Bomb45s-Uber-Alles approach.

Our Blitzkreig 5 song set did everything but deliver the ultimate prize. Had we had a better position in the line-up i think it would have been harder to deny us ultimate victory. As every viewer of Pop Idol knows, "First On, First off", is the way these things work. So to place second was not bad going.

Anyhow, I enjoyed it, we got to play to a crowd and got a good response. Also made a real mess of the stage: water, blood, vitriol..what more could they possibly want?

Gardening Club

So it's been decided to enter a battle of the bands competition. Not really Rock ‘n Roll but hey, it's a night out in a posh part of town.. Kinda...

We've got 20 minutes to rock the venue to the core. That's 5 songs in 45's language. Full on, no holds barred, punk rock for 20 minutes. How hard can this be???

Me nervous?? Never!!

I get stuff set up back stage, and after the inevitable wait, throw everything on stage with the help of my part-time Roadie, Si.. (He was paid for this gig you know!!).

This time I've got the bass pedal back to normal and through the brief drum sound check thinymabob. And I wait.. And wait. And wait. For some obscure reason it takes the engineer guy a wee while to get the guitars and stuff set-up. As soon as that's done we're being announced. Strange that, I don’t recall doing a soundcheck with the band... Maybe I missed something.

So Jonny throws me completely, he starts Tough Love. That's my f**cking job. So I'm nervous, rusty and confused... Great. Nothing else to do but look at Paul for a sign, which is forthcoming...

That was it. We rocked. Shook the place to the core, rattled the foundations and absolutely blew everything away (no pun intended!), this will surely go down in Bomb 45 history as possibly one of the greatest gigs ever. It just all seemed to click. The energy, the playing, absolutely everything we were doing was close to perfect... Jonny, note perfect. Paul, well he is a bass God you know and Marty pulled a performance from the top shelf. I can still see the judge recovering the glass he sent hurtling off stage... Beautiful. Absofuckinglutely.

Nirvana at last!!!! Who cares if we didn't make it through? We never expected to, considering we were first up we didn't hold much hope.

I did somehow manage to break an Ahead drumstick. They're these titanium, non-breakable, non-destructable, shit they make spaceships out of kinda drumstick. I managed to snap the bastard clean through. God, isn't adrenalin wonderful?? Thankfully I managed to lob the broken stick and grab another without missing a beat. Awesome!!!

Scorecard : Jonny 6, Paul 5

Thanks : Jonny, Paul and Marty for letting me play in their band. Zigs and Lize for making the effort. Every person there for getting into it and responding so positively. The other bands on the night. Well done lads. Keep up the good work. Good luck to you all!!!!!

Special Thanks : To Si, my part-time roadie, drumtech, band photographer and general jack-of-all-trades bloke… Highly appreciated.

Remember : "Bow down to the Rocktagon"

Si - Part time roadie, etc
Hi Guys

Must add to this (seeing as I got a mention) and state that "You wuz robbed !!!". After shocking the punter's into wakefullness with some great energy, and keeping it going all the way though, losing by a few points in the end is, well, just plain wrong....

Even so, it was definitely the best performance of all your gigs I've been to, OK OK...of the 2 gigs I've been to....

Keep up the good work, and long may it continue.

I loved this gig. We blew 'em away, and they loved it too.

Mon, Jan 10, 2005
Archway Tavern

Ah, life as a bass God, the glamour, the excitement, the adoring crowds, The Archway Tavern on a Monday night....

Following the solid performance in Croydon the night before I was looking forward with some confidence to this one, however my body had slightly different ideas, with every muscle aching. A couple of pints of guiness and a big mac later and things were beginning to feel a little better.

There was some confusion before hand to the availability of a bass amp, unfortunately given my somewhat circuitous route (live in South East London, work in Gunnersbury?) there was no way I could get mine there, however miracle of miracles there was a perfectly serviceable amp to plug into.
First trip out for Jonny's new Marshall combo and it sounds a treat!

So following a fine set by The Phugs we were up on stage, playing to the combined members of The Phugs, Smash TV and the three paying punters (even the bar staff disappeared at one point)...
There's only one thing to do in these situations, play fast, play loud and have some fun. It's The Law and Tough Love were storming just the right combination of manic energy and actually staying together.

James hadn't managed to recover the missing parts of his kick pedal and so was using a single-double pedal (ask him...), unfortunately it was a little much for the bass drum which as the set went on slowly began to disintegrate, prompting James to dive out after nearly every song to try and screw it back together. Eventually he switched back to a single pedal...
In the mean time Marty was having the time of his life, ending the set rolling around the floor of the tavern soaking up the beer and fag ash (a braver man than me).

Overall a top notch show, tons of energy, songs well played, definitely an improvement on the Croydon show (not that that was bad at all), just a shame there was no one there to see it...

Which brings me on to the rant.
Really what's the point in charging on the door when no one turns up? £4 is a lot of money to pay on a murky Monday night in January, surely it would be better to open the doors for free, attract in some passing trade and make more money from the bar?
I'm sure the promoter will blame the bands for not bringing people along, which to some degree is true, however surely it's the promoters job to promote the gig, to try and make people come along, to create a buzz so people will take a risk?

Well I have to say Monday night at the Archway is fast becoming a rock legend. This sweltering sonic cauldron bubbled and heaved after a furious assault from the Bomb 45s. Following straight on from Sunday's dambusters-style mission to far-flung (and heavily defended) Croydon, the band found some form if not much of an audience.

The results of my audience poll indicated that there were precisely three paying punters in the bar. So it was good of the Phugs to hang around to hear us play (although I spose we were using their gear) . Anyhow, amidst a strong set my personal highlights included Faith Healer and Cherry Clean.

Despite the fact there was almost no one there, Paul recorded the show for the official hisory and will doubtless one day prove a priceless relic to be knocked out on e-bay, so the world may not miss out after all.

A top night for the Bomb 45s and a very enjoyable show to play, next time a crowd would be good.

Archway Tavern.

Here I am. Tired from The Cartoon, still as rusty (though it is flaking) and still got the dilemna with half a bass pedal. Maybe time to whip out plan B.

Up to N5 and the Archway tavern. Man what a venue. Loads of space, fancy tellys and everything, oh and a bar..... It's one of those places that you know has to rock. I mean with a dancefloor that size it holds endless possibilities. Get the right crowd in and it's going to be a great gig. Unfortunately, our crowd comprised of the other two bands on the night. This was going to be good... Ahum

Me nervous?? Christ, how could I be?

Right. So straight into the set, the obligatory soundcheck out of the way. I've opted for plan B, my Duallist bass pedal. It's a bit complicated really, gives you the option to play double bass with one foot. Google search it, you'll see.

Anyway. Our usual high-energy blast of punk rock for all to hear. What a stormer. With no pressure or paying punters what did we have to lose?? Simply go for it!! And we did.

Me taking apart the drumkit beat by beat jumping up and down between songs to reconstruct the bastard. Things just not going my way in that department. Jonny, absolutely rock solid.. Paul, well it's Paul, as solid as ever..

As for Marty.. Well. You had to be there. You really did. Stage-diving of a 12 inch stage. Rolling about on the floor, pulling every trick out of the bag. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. All 20 of them...

Over all a class performance. The energy obvious to anyone passing by outside. We're making great progress, getting tighter as a band every gig. The performance levels soar every time we set out, and hell knows, at some point we'll have an audience to show it to!!!

Score card : Jonny 5, Paul 4

Thank you : Jonny, Paul and Marty for letting me be in your band. The bar lady for not leaving during our set (Well not much anyway.)

Special thanks : The Phugs and Smash TV, for being generous with the gear sharing and for clapping in all the right places. Very kind of you..

Remember : "Bow down to the Rocktagon"


Sun, Jan 9, 2005
The Cartoon

Writing this everyone bone and muscle in my body is aching so it must have been a good one!
Being a band that almost exclusively plays in London venues it's all too easy to forget what a twisted world that is, and how far removed it is from the experiences of bands in the rest of the country. Croydon is just close enough to London to be on our map (actually the very last page of my A-Z) but far enough out to have it's own sphere of influence .
More importantly the four random bands bringing 20 punters each 6 nights a week with some bloke living in a Camden bedsit who reckons he knows all there is to know mentality seems not to have taken hold.
It's a vicious circle, ruled by simple economics, too many (often decent) bands, plenty of venues (especially in the last couple of years as dance music has stopped raking in the money), but alas not enough punters ready to part with 4 or 5 quid to see 3 or four bands they've never heard of. Fair enough, why would I (taking tomorrow night at The Bull & Gate as an example) want to pay £5 to see "Hypersonic + Not By Design + Conway Story", fine bands all I'm sure, and maybe they'll be lucky enough to pull 20 punters with flyers and get a return booking sometime.
Whatever some people say, I don't think the promoters are doing all that well out of this state of affairs either, they have the overheads of hiring the venue (or paying for staff), PA, soundman, promotion all in the hope that maybe 50 people will turn up and you might take £200 on the door (maybe I'm naive and they're making more but having promoted a couple of gigs ourselves I can't see where from).

So how to get out of it?
Lower the price on the door, £2 or even £3 feels a lot less than £5, people are more likely to take a chance.
Do away with the door altogether and take a percentage of the bar, I think this is where the separation of venie and promoter really shafts things. How on earth do you work out increased bar take on an open door?

Anyhow, rant over how was the gig....
Well The Cartoon (http://www.thecartoon.co.uk) is a great venue, very nice sounding PA, not too loud, not too quiet. The best vocal foldback on stage I think I've ever heard.
A big thankyou to The Plague for letting us use their amps, which were suspiciously like our own backline (Marshall all valve combo for the guitar and a trany Ampeg for the bass), so it was plug in and go from the start.
Unfortunately James had managed to leave half his bass pedal in the rehearsal room so double kick hits were off the menu for the evening.
The set itself was solid and workman like, we're still a little overweight and rusty from the Xmas break but I don't think it showed too much. But with plenty of stage to move around on I made the most of it, ending the set half blind through sweat.
All in all I'd probably give it a 7/10, which bodes well for the rest of the January dates. Roll on The Archwy Tavern...

I write this review, blinking away the tears stung by Pauls jibes about my weight. What a bitch! Never mind down in Croydon they like something to hold onto and by God did they get it last night.

On a rainy Sunday night in January ones thoughts might turn to a roast dinner and a night in front of the telly, however those hardy souls that could drag themselves away were rewarded with a, not too foul, treatment of the bomb 45s greatest hits.

The Cartoon could only be described as a heavy metal pub and it was good to play in a place where people are coming to see the bands not just visiting the pub and being interrupted and upset by the filthy roar and stench of pure rock power. Our sound was fine and the 20-30 odd punters sympathetic to our distinctive musical stylings.

Considering the excesses of Xmas and our lack of practice it went pretty well and I have to say it was worth the trip across of the river.

Personal highlights were Tough Love, Minorisk and Paul and Jonny's sturmbahnfuhrer four counts. Just like Nuremberg, but in Croydon, you fill in the blanks...


It's the first gig of the New Year.

With much indulgence and turkey over the Xmas period and a few weeks with no rehearsals 'cos our singer's been swinging from trees in deepest, darkest Africa, I'm thinking a little rusty would be an understatement...

So we venture south of the river, to Croydon as it happens. Stepping off the train I wonder if I'll make the venue let alone complete a full set.

Me nervous?? Never!!!

Making my way through the trenches that are the Croydon streets I make it to the venue, just enough time for a soundcheck, a chicken sandwich a few beers. Which is enough I guess.

Setting up I realise that I've left bits of my bass pedal in the rehearsal room. DOH! It's going to be an interesting one.. I haven't played with a single bass pedal in ages..

Actually, to be honest, it was a really good gig. Jonny and Paul on form, Marty as mental as ever, what a showman... You've got to love it I guess... A truly professional performance. Not quite as slick as we could have been, that's the rust, but quality all the same.

We also managed to stir a bit of interest from the punters. Also, it's a great venue. It has flushing loo's and everything.

Scorecard : Jonny 4 , Paul 3

Thanks to : Jonny, Paul and Marty for letting me be in your band. The man in the shop across the street for a decent chicken burger. All the punters who turned out for it.

Special thanks : The other bands on the night. For letting us share the gear and showing support.. It was a pleasure. Look us up again soon!!!!

Remember : "Bow down to the Rocktagon"


Tue, Nov 30, 2004

And so on to what looks like being the end of the 2004 season...
Really didn't know what to expect from this one, every reference I could find for Embargo on the web had it down as a dance bar, so what ourselves and The Phugs were doing there was anyone's guess.
Having found the place locked up (a single small door in the middle of what looked like an antiques market) went in search of a pub, to find it's possibly the only point on the Kings Road without one (I'm sure someone with local knowledge will put me right on that). Eventually found The World's End and managed to neck down some much needed sustenance.
Soundcheck was short and sweet, cheers to Protosound for the gear, it's always much easier when everyone shares rather than having a stack of various amps and drumkits in the way, slowing down the changeovers. Nice big stage with plenty of room to move around (which is a pleasant change).
As ever things were running late by the time we finally took the stage, so eyes on watches and out the trap. First up the new traditional 1-2 of It's the Law into Tough Love, one of the fastest versions of Tough Love we've played I think...
Then halfway through Tonight disaster struck! Marty sent my beer flying on the stage, luckily getting hold of the bottle before it was all lost, but leaving me skidding across a pool of lager for the rest of the set. Not that it really mattered, we managed to tear through the rest of the songs in a suitable manner, getting a decent response from the somewhat thin crowd (I think the night has only been going a few weeks and is still finding it's feet).
By the time we finished it was 11:30pm so I'm afraid it was a dash out of the door and up the Kings Road to get the last train home. Apologies to The Phugs for not stopping around for their set, but needs must...
Eager to fulfill a lifelong ambition to play in a Chelsea niteclub (oi oi oi oi!), I was looking forward to this show. However this niteclub was closer to Fulham than Chelsea and the niteclub bar just didn't do it for me.

Still fresh from dinner at Johnnies Fish shop (where curiously Jonny refused to eat) we proceeded to soundcheck and then a long wait for 11pm.

Lack of a Whetherspoons pub nearby caused me some disorientation and disturbed my pre-gig rituals. That or it was drinking that god-awful Aussie XXXX muck on special at Embargo.

Anyhow at last we got on stage and blasted off on our customary ride to rock n roll oblivion/ecstasy. Paul's beer was an early casualty, however I kicked over my own lager later on.

A particular highlight of the set was a surprpise appearance by registered osteopath Marc M. Farah. Who responded to my comments on alternative health in the preamble to Faith Healer by handing me his card. Just goes to show you never know who's in the crowd.

Personally I felt my performance wasn't quite up to par, and we were a little rough for lack of practice overall. That said, it was still a blast and we scuttled off into the night after another successful mission. Roll on 2005!


Tue, Nov 16, 2004
Hope and Anchor

As someone far more disco that me once said - 'Oh what a night'
Well I guess by the law of averages/physics it had to happen sometime and so the improbable did - I broke a bass string. None bass players probably don't get the significance of it, but it's one of those things that just never happens, never, not ever ever ever. But then it did...
So midway through Tonight I could feel something strange happen to the bass, and there it was a three string precision. Alas, Marty's earlier cries of 'eating is cheating' had addled my brain just enough to make real time transposition a struggle.
At this point I have to thank the guy who leant me his rickenbacker. You're a life saver and a gent sir, no doubt about it.
So how was the set? Going pretty well for the first couple of songs, we were just getting warmed up and into it, nice solid versions, not rushing ahead like we did at the Hob, good sound (on stage at least). After the string break, I couldn't tell you to be honest, I think I covered it all nicely on the rickenbacker but it was setup vastly differently to any of my basses so there were definitely a few bum notes in there.
Now for the the rant....

As a band we have three singers, Marty handles the melodic bits and myself and Jonny chip in for impact, power and even the very occassional harmony. This is not very unusal, anyone who's seen us will know it's part of the way we play, so to be told by the soundman that we don't need three mics is plain and simple bollocks. The Hope and Anchor is a great venue, fantastic atmosphere, but if your soundman won't even muster three mics you're letting yourself down.
I headed to the famous Hope and Anchor with high hopes for a repeat of Saturday's triumph in Forest Hill.

The soundman's refusal to mic up Jonny, (a crime against all art surely) left us puzzled but still keen to deliver a steaming pile of the Bomb 45s greatest hits.

Beforehand though the band nearly split up as we had 3 versions of the set list. Fortunately this was settled without fisticuffs and/or handbags (probably cos Jonny was getting a burger at the time) and James Burn won the day with his daring re-arrangement of the set.
We started with a brutalised Tough Love and skidded into Blown Away. The sound not bad, but missing Jonny's bv's.
Tonight started and Paul didn't, I looked around to see his bass down to a three string. Still there was no stopping the band and we carried on to a good crowd response.
Apparently my refusal to allow Paul to consume solid food in lieu of a right and proper liquid diet, impaired his ability to play a 3 string bass. Personally I could tell no difference, so draw your own conclusions there.
We finished with a blistering two for one deal "Why don't you come back to me" and "You're Going Down", the crowd reeling from this relentless enslaught of rock power could only shout their appreciation.
In short, not as good as Saturday, but still solid and bloody good fun.

This was going to be an interesting one. Spent the day sending about a million emails trying to decide a set list... Jonny suspiciously absent in all this mind you.. So to try and solve any arguments and band splits at such an early development stage I printed three different versions of the set list and headed on out to the Hope and Anchor..

Simple really. Hand all three set lists to Jonny - let him decide. And he did. My setlist gets the nod...... Good thinking me boy - if it all goes tits up you can blame the new kid.... Wonderfull...

Me nervous?? Never

So this time I'm OK. Not as nervous as Saturday and start off the set at a canter, a quick one. Not too hasty now.. Into the second song and it's all going swimmingly.. Not a bad setlist after all.... This could work actually.... I may just escape a beating after all...

Then the calm, relaxed demeanour on stage changed.... Now I've got used to strings snapping at regular intervals during rehearsals. Jonny is a true axe murderer. Snapping strings, 2, nay 3 on average at a rehearsal.. While the rest of us just sit back in wonder at it all.. I've heard guitar strings are easy to break, thin fiddly little bastards. What would you expect???

Well. Shocked and stunned we was. (Cue fanfare) When Paul (Yes, I said Paul!) Snapped a string. Third song in and it goes a bit chaotic.. The smile on Jonny's face says it all really... See, bass strings never break. I've never witnessed it in my career. And here we are, mid song with a rather bemused Paul... It has to go down as one of the best moments in music history. It was awesome, and catapulted Paul to God-like status among the ranks of Bass players the world over... A true magical moment...

From there on in, Jonny was tapping his feet with joy. Marty was all over the place and Paul was a bit stunned to say the least, wondering how it all happened.... Beautiful.

All in all, a great second gig. A nice response. Looking forward to doing it all again soon...

Time to keep score I see, gigs without breaking strings (well, since I've been there) : Jonny 2 - Paul 1.. Let the games begin!

Thanks to : Jonny, Paul and Marty for letting me play in their band. Kelly and other Kelly for popping in. Support appreciated. "Crysler" for making the effort - Thank You.

Speacial thanks : The other bands (obviously not the 777 lot!), for handing Paul a bass and being really good about the gear sharing. Hats off to you boys!! It was a pleasure.

Remember : "Bow down to the Rocktagon"

Neon Promotions
"Excellent no nonsense rockers The Bomb 45's waste no time kicking off tonites premier line up. The vocal delivery is a cross between snarly blues and old skool punk - a heady mix in deed - and wirey, hectic guitar snorts and jangles along - again treading the boundaries between punky pistols-esque riffs and retro blues. Whatever your view, these guys deliver a short sharp shot in the arm and are brilliant entertainment"


Sat, Nov 13, 2004
The Hob

The first gig with James behind the kit and it was a stormer...
Following the late arrival of the PA, no time for a soundcheck unfortunatley so we were going to have to wing it...
First up was a near light speed version of It's the Law, everyone was stuggling through the sound, hardly able to hear each other, getting by on adrenaline and sheer bloody mindedness.
Then no break and straight into blisteringly fast Tough Love, Marty spitting out the words at a thousand miles an hour. I couldn't see how we could keep this pace up, my arms already aching after just 2 numbers.
Thankfully the sound then began to gell together and the pace settled for a more sedate (well as sedate as we get) run through Minorisk. The crowd then began to get into it and a few brave souls even elected to dance...
The rest of the set went by smoothly, confidence growing by the song, highlights being In The Mix, Tonight and a roughed up version of Game thrown in at the end.
Great night, great debut for the new lineup, can't wait for the Hope and Anchor...

So here we go. Just under 2 months with the band and the first gig arrives. A Saturday night headliner at The Hob. Me nervous?? Never..

So I get there a little late, the P.A is on its way and my drumkit is stuck in traffic somewhere..... This is going to be good. Nothing left to do but hang around.... Drink anyone?

I think it must have been nerves and adrenaline and the sheer joy of being back on stage but the set kicked off at about 120 miles an hour. I was taught from day one that "it can never be too fast"... Hmmm.. We're testing the boundaries on that one...

Anyway, into the third song, the nerves calming, the JD kicking in and the familiar fuzzy feeling of being on stage.. It's all starting to take shape... We're on a roll here... And from there on in it was smooth sailing....... Right up until the encore.

A fantastic set.. A great response.. An adrenalin rush second to none.. Awesome!!!

Apart from a few minor sound quality issues, nothig to complain about really.... Roll on Tuesday night!

Thanks to : Jonny, Paul and Marty for letting me play in their band. Mike C and the crew for popping in. Sarah G and others for hanging around. The other bands on the night.

Special thanks : To Si, my roadie, drumtech, driver, and all round decent bloke. Much appreciated young man!!!!

Remember : "Bow down to the Rocktagon"